Estoril Residence

A future close to Lisbon

With its inauguration planned for 2025 the Estoril Residence will be located on a hillside overlooking the sea, it is surrounded by a magnificent Mediterranean garden, with remarkably simple and fast accesses, either from the A5 or the marginal, offering a unique surrounding, just a short distance from Lisbon and Cascais.

The building is designed with the highest standards of comfort. It will have just 2 floors for rooms, which will allow much simpler circulation.

It will have capacity for 90 residents, housed in double or single rooms, all with private sanitary facilities.

It will have multiple recreational rooms - library, music and games, internet - as well as a gym, swimming pool, beauty salon and hairdresser.

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Phone: (+351) 214 447 530

Address: Seminário da Torre d’Aguilha 2785-599 S. Domingos de Rana



Phone: (+351) 289 803 747

Address: Rua Natália Correia, nº 7 8005-143 Faro

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