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Balanced Diet

You can enjoy pleasurable meals in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. All meals are prepared with the support of our consultant Chef and ensure a healthy and balanced diet which are adapted to your needs or restrictions at any given time.

Whenever you wish, you can invite your family and friends to enjoy meals with you.

A skilled and qualified team

You will have at your dispose the assistance of our technical team, available to meet your needs 24/24h. Our health team includes:

· Physician, internal medicine specialist which weekly visits all chronic residents;

. Psychiatric doctor;

· Qualified nurses which insure daily shifts, 7 days a week;

. Physiotherapist.

Continued care / palliatives and dementities

Our experience consists of continuous care in the convalescence or rehabilitation phases – strokes, heart attacks, surgeries, other acute episodes of poor health – and palliative care in case of incurable diseases

Additionally, regarding dementia- Alzheimer’s and similar – the Amera team has provided its residents and families with a service that goes above and beyond.

Freedom and leisure at your rhythm

Our caring staff, attentive to each of your needs, will know how to maintain your daily routine.

If you’re longing for some distraction or to perform some physical activity, you will find a program of appealing activities, monitored by our professionals. These are always open to your family and friends, and even to the community. If you prefer to pamper yourself, you will find hairdressers, beauticians and masseurs in the aesthetic salon. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy our green areas which are equipped with quality infrastructures that improve the conditions for outdoor enjoyment.

You can receive your family or friends. Amera has very long visiting hours. Nonetheless, if you wish to spend time outside Amera, just let us know. The entries and exits of our Residents are not subject to any restriction.

Residences, The best quality

Enviroments above standards

The rooms are spacious and very bright and warm. All are equipped with a private bathroom with generous dimensions.

Regarding furniture and decoration, emphasis has been placed in elements that recreate a domestic environment, unlike the hotel, or even hospital environments which are common in the best nursing homes. Accentuating this, residents are given the option to equip their rooms with furniture, pictures and personal effects. Books, music, the internet and games are all included in the many entertainment rooms you’ll find.

We are always available and ready to serve you.

Talk to our team and clear your questions!