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Amera is synonymous with assisted living, a concept that goes far beyond the traditional nursing home, but is also deeper than the modern concept of assisted residence. Most of these assisted residences are in fact not prepared to care for truly dependent people, consequently, when they reach this condition, they must leave and re-integrate in another residence.

At Amera we assist the entire process of dependence, physical or emotional. We welcome and integrate people who feel they can no longer deal with everyday life in their homes, feel insecure, or simply alone. Despite being a family environment, our team consists of the best professionals who provide assisted living based on our residents changing needs.

We also temporarily welcome those who have suffered occasional episodes of poor health. The support we provide in their recovery, physical and psychological, allows them to return to their autonomous life. There are those, however, who wish to stay.

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Ensuring the well-being of our residents

Amera strives to provide its residents a positive and inclusive emotional atmosphere. To achieve this, all emphasis is placed on the creation of an environment that is the complete opposite of the typical nursing home, which is depressing for the residents and embarrassing for the visitors.

Amera aims, to the best of our ability, to provide its residents with a home life experience in a new home. All planned activities accentuate this aspect as well as attempt to facilitate interaction with non-residents – family and friends.

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